Saturday, May 12, 2012

Maybe last year

I had the privilege of catching the second game of last year's "Futures at Fenway" double-header. If you're wondering, it was a privilege because 1) as a Red Sox fan, any game at Fenway, even the Pawsox, is a pleasure* and 2) most importantly, tickets and certain designated concession item were discounted from their usual outrageous rates.

Also, this game took place in August, well before my Red Sox had their historic choke job.

Don't ask me to explain what a "Paw Sock" is.

Junichi Tazawa gets loose.
The new ballgame.

A loyal fan.
Lars Anderson warms up.

Che Hsuan-Lin moves in to make the grab, with young fans already prepared to jostle for the ball as a souvenir.
Anderson was out at second after trying to stretch his ball past the first baseman into a double.

In minor league games, it's nowhere near as disappointing when they lose.

*Present season excluded.

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