Saturday, February 04, 2012

Wyoming has big spiders, too

My step brother and step dad returned from a camping trip in the Big Horn Mountains this summer with a startling story (assuming you're quasi-arachnophobic like myself). It went like this: my step brother had been struck by a need to relieve himself. They stopped just east of the U.S. 14-A causeway across Big Horn Lake. He made a heebie-jeebies-inducing discovery in the sagebrush -- huge, yellow, creepy-looking spiders.

I chalked it up as an exaggerated camping tale, but on a return trip, I saw the horror firsthand.

There'd be no shame in running from these black and yellow garden spiders.

Pretty sure that what the female says goes. Or the male goes down her gullet.

How big are these things? That's a dead grasshopper all bundled up in the bottom left of the frame.

Arachnophobes can rest uncomfortably knowing that even in Wyoming's arid climate, alarmingly huge, exotic-looking spiders thrive (and no, they're not actually dangerous. That's why we call it a "phobia").

Moral of the story? Always look before you pee.

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