Thursday, September 02, 2010

The ordinary in Yellowstone

I'm still waiting for my epic Yellowstone photo of a mama grizzly battling a pack of wolves, and until then, I'll keep sharing my not-as-exciting snapshots. These were taken during two July trips to the park.
Some people see bears when they go to the park. I tend to see bugs.
This guy or gal was camping out near our picnic spot, just waiting for his chance to score some lunch leftovers.
With our picnic materials moderately safely stowed, the gull had to settle for dredging up whatever inedible thing this was from the bottom of Yellowstone Lake. (Hint: it apparently wasn't a cracker, because it didn't even come close to breaking while in the bird's mouth. Rubber, perhaps?)
This would explain why the gull looked a little red in the prior photo -- the smoke from the freshly-started Beach Fire was messing with the sun's rays.
The obligatory bison shot. Insert lame motivational phrase here.

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Anonymous said...

It definitely looks like a slice of turkey from a lunchable in the birds mouth.