Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Holy cats

Last month, the United States Humane Society, in cooperation with local law enforcement, seized a boatload of cats from a rural residence just outside the town where I live. I took a slew of photos, but because I wrote a freakin' ton of column inches about the story, essentially none of the photos were used. (To clarify: one boatload = 157, a slew = >350, and a freakin' ton = 52.9.)

In the event anybody's interested, here are some photos from the Aug. 26 seizure, and the cats' subsequent care at a temporary shelter on Aug. 27.

Remains of the cat food cans used to feed the cats.
The cat food cans at the shelter were in a much better condition.
The volunteers got a quick refresher course in cat-handling before the felines were carried from their cages to waiting veterinarians. Please note the interested (yet quite well-behaved) canine observer.
Some of the cats shied from the media spotlight. (Actually, this guy or gal was trying to give a friendly pat to the photographer.)
O HAI! This guy was really noisy and almost certainly had some Maine coon cat in him/her.
I didn't get a good photo of this cat, but he/she was probably my favorite because of its generally bummed expression and the somewhat comical appearance of having a food pan stuck to its side.
I didn't get pictures of all the cats, but the volunteers and Humane Society workers did.
A relatively small percentage of the seized cats were deemed to be either in too poor a condition for adoption and were euthanized. The rest went to shelters and homes across the region.

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