Friday, August 27, 2010

Photo of cute guy just for you!

There's a reason people get annoyed when emails are sent without promised attachments -- they can ruin lives. Consider this attachmentless email I received from my mother.

As a bit of background, mom has never encouraged me to abandon my heterosexuality. In fact, on multiple occasions, she has questioned why I have yet to demonstrate my interest in the fairer sex through an exchange of vows and young-rearing. However, she's on vacation this week, and sometimes, when they're far from home, people change. So I was understandably nervous when I saw the following message in my inbox this afternoon.
From: MomDate: August 26, 2010 10:51:03 AM MDTTo: CJ BakerSubject: Photo just for you!

Thought of you when we saw this cute guy, so took this photo just for you!
I love you - mom
Of course, there was no photo attached. But as I would soon learn, the absence of an image was due not to the fact that CJ doesn't find guys cute, but rather to a simple oversight.

With terror gnawing on my bowels, I moused over the follow-up message that had arrived two minutes later, entitled, "And NOW here's the photo!"

Despite fearing my next two clicks would unleash a horrific display of oil-greased abs from vacationland, I opened the email.
From: Mom
Date: August 26, 2010 10:53:16 AM MDT
To: CJ Baker
Subject: And NOW here's the photo!
that awful "forgot to attach the attachment" disease!

Never been more relieved to see a cute rodent.

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Carol said...

I think I will move far far away from the Chippendale or Monk jokes.