Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A little too much truth in government

When you're told in college that you should avoid acronyms in journalism, believe it.

Otherwise, you might end up working for, oh, let's say the Green River Star and, hypothetically, write a headline disastrous enough to bring Leno out of retirement.

Like, maybe, "Council addresses SOB ordinance."

You might even write a second graph that says something like, "The Green River City Council has started the process of approving an ordinance making it illegal for an SOB to locate near another SOB, a religious institution, any school or daycare, any public park, residential zone district, boy’s or girl’s club or youth organization, library, museum or a dwelling unit."

"That would break up a lot of neighborhoods and maybe even some families," remarked a journalism colleague of mine.

But for the record, Green River is apparently a pretty great place to live, because, according to the Star, currently, there's only one SOB within city limits.

As I'm sure you realized, SOB stands for a "Sexually Oriented Business," and Green River is seeking to regulate them.

If their city council passes the new ordinance, adult businesses would need some kind of Sexually Oriented License. Without one, you'll likely be... well, you can figure it out.

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