Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hard of hearings

Copy editors and judges typically understand the importance of getting a sentence right the first time. Otherwise, their hard work loses its appeal.

How are the hearing playing with Hispanics?Consider the headline at left, which appeared on Yahoo! News Thursday. In the frenzied rush to bring play-by-play coverage of Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor's Senate hearings, this one may have jumped the vetting line.

It is possible that the broken grammar was an effort to acknowledge the Hispanic folks who use English as a second language. Certainly, the U.S. is melting pot of people from all talks of life ("Out of Many, One," right?), but it still looks bad when you put a singulus where you should have used a pluribus.

Then again, it just as likely could have been an article about something altogether different; as a colleague suggested, perhaps it's actually a recap of a sociological study on race and disabilities in our schoolyards -- one that will be followed up with the companion piece, "How are the deaf playing with Hispanics?"

I might suggest that - even with corrected syntax - it wasn't all that great of a headline, but really, who am I to judge?

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