Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Democracy in China? DO NOT WANT.

I spent some time at Best Buy on Saturday, browsing their massive array of entertainment goodies. At three separate points during my DVD and video game section perusing, I was approached by an employee asking if I needed any help. Each time, I said "No, thanks."

Now, before you decide that this story is mind-numbingly boring, consider this fact - it was the same female employee each time during the 30 minute or so period.

At first, I wasn't sure if she just needed something to do, had a concussion, or if my facial expressions were varied enough that I looked like an entirely different person every ten minutes.

It wasn't until I reached the music section that I realized the real reason for her persistence.

Apparently, when a Best Buy employee asks, "Can I help you find anything?" the correct answer is, "Yeah - do you still have any copies of Chinese Democracy?"

Because there, in the rock/R&B section, taking up almost a third of the row, were more than 300 copies of Guns and Roses' much-ballyhooed release, Chinese Democracy. The below picture is fuzzy, but basically, those CDs with yellow stickers are Axl Roses' latest. Apparently, that exclusive distribution deal with Best Buy deal isn't working out so hot for either party.


cjn said...

Poor Axl. Maybe he should have chose a more "hip" store for his "exclusive distribution deal" - like Wal-Mart. lol.

You are always observing! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Good point! I think he's probably a sell-out either way, so why not go all out, right?