Sunday, May 11, 2008

None of the above

A number of classes at the University of Wyoming require students to create surveys. So, toward the end of each semester, students flood the inboxes of their fellow students with requests to complete their survey. As you would guess, they vary in quality and importance.

Some gauge the feasibility of bringing a new restaurant to town interest, while others seek to address issues of social justice; some are well-written, and others aren't.

And still others are downright ridiculous.

Below is a screenshot from the survey someone put together to learn more about what people prefer which search engines. I started filling it out until I realized it makes exactly zero sense. Click on it to see it up close.

If someone can explain to me how "military vet in household" is a "hobby," I'd be most grateful.

As a side note, the latest episode of Third Wheel Politics (featuring an interview with Jimmy Carter) is available here.

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Singing-Masters of My Soul said...

At least the survey writer has noticed and brought into play the subtle nuances between hobbies, interests, and pastimes.