Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Kmart sucks.*

I spent 84 cents at Kmart today. I got more than 2 feet of receipt in return.

The monstrosity is below (actual size**).

Roommate Steve made the observation that perhaps Kmart wouldn't have filed for bankruptcy if they had cut back on receipt paper.

It's worth considering, but I'm willing to bet that, at least in Laramie, it has more to do with their migraine-inducing paint job. In my book, orange and green just doesn't jive with the red and blue Kmart logo.

*Hat tip to Rain Man.
**No, really.


Amanda said...

that is ridiculous. and not "green". lol.

Anonymous said...

Amanda: Indeed! With receipts that big, it must cut into the profit margin somewhat.

Aunt Bloggie said...

Dear CJ,

At least now I understand why the Kmart checker had to stop and refill the tape after every customer! Reminds me of the time my dear departed husband wanted to give away a jar of headache powder with every newspaper we sold down at the store.

Aunt Bloggie

Anonymous said...

I think your Kmart needs to upgrade their disco colors