Sunday, April 06, 2008

A sweet new podcast about politics!

Actually, the title here is deceptive, cuz this is little more than self-advertising. But hey, what is a personal blog for if not shameless self-promotion?

As a part of a senior project at college, I've begun a website/podcast called Third Wheel Politics. Basically, it's an attempt to look at the presidential candidates who haven't made it into the national spotlight. Some 250 folks are seeking (or at some point sought) the White House in 2008. The podcast aims to tell their stories.

Granted, most of these candidates have no chance, but that's exactly why I'm so interested: they keep on fighting despite impossible odds. A longer explanation of my motivations can be found here (or here in audio form).

Anyway, I just got the first episode up (here) that lays out some of the issues this project will explore (ballot access, two-party politics, etc.), and I would totally love your support if you're interested.

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Anonymous said...

One, Two, Three strikes YOU'RE OUT, boring politics!
Third Wheel Politics is a HOME RUN!
Refreshingly witty and informative; provocative punditry probing the pursuit of the American presidency.