Monday, February 04, 2008

Frozen Fish: Not so a-lure-ing

Walking to class this past week, I ran across something I found really strange:


Frozen in the gutter.

And I'm not talking like fish sticks or salmon patties.

I'm talking full-bodied suckers like these:
I'm guessing this was a tragically misguided attempt to spawn up-gutter or something, because otherwise I'm baffled as to how they got there.


Anonymous said...

Definitely something fishy going on here....

Anonymous said...

Saunchway's 'catch of the day' heh?!

Steven said...

Where is this? I sure didn't see them. I think they're Smallmouth Bass (at least from what I know of fish). That's really strange.

Carol said...

Wow, you get all the GOOD photo ops! Are those stripes or tire tracks?

Anonymous said...

Steve: They were really easy to miss. I just happened to be looking down at the right moment. They were just off the U.W. campus, behind the education building.

Carol: I think stripes AND tire tracks. Must be Bridgestone Bass.