Sunday, January 06, 2008

Duncan Hunter deserves a vote of some kind

I can't say I agree with long-shot presidential candidate and current California Representative Duncan Hunter on everything. Actually, I'm not so sure I even agree with him on all that much. But he deserves some props.

If you haven't heard, yesterday the Wyoming Republican party picked a presidential candidate to support at various county conventions. The winner turned out to be Mitt Romney.

But that's neither here nor there.

Being the political junkie I am, I dropped in on the caucus-thingie in my county to soak up the political atmosphere.

Basically, the process involved people standing up and telling their fellow Republicans why they should support Ron Paul, or Mitt Romney, or Duncan Hunter, or whoever. It's actually a confusing and painfully complex process (and I've crafted a lengthy rant about it here), but essentially, these folks were volunteering to go the Republican National Convention and vote for their candidate of choice.

For example, Betty Sue might be supporting Rudy Guiliani. She would give a speech about how tough the Rudester's been on crime and how low-life scuzzballs quake in his wake. Then, all the people who enjoy watching scuzzballs quake would vote for her, thereby (indirectly) voting for Guiliani.

Anyway, this went on for a couple candidates until the process reached the gentleman speaking on behalf of Duncan Hunter. He said something to the effect of, "I'll tell you a little about Duncan, but I can let him tell you himself in just a minute by phone."

I figured it was some insider GOP humor that was over my unaffiliated head, but then Duncan Hunter actually came on the line (via a microphone-amplified cell phone speaker) and gave the folks in the room a short spiel on what he stood for - for example, 2nd amendment and state rights. The picture above and at left was taken sometime during that speech.

Hunter's money quote in support of greater state control:
"I know that IQs don't get any higher when you fly over the Mississippi River."
I thought it was pretty good. I mean, I lol-ed.

I was also a little blown away by the fact that a dude fighting for his electoral life in New Hampshire would (for that matter, could) take the time to speak to 80 people or so in a remote corner of Wyoming. Heck, 80 people is an insignificant number even for Wyoming. Especially since those 80 people were voting for a National Convention alternate.


In other words, this time around, our county's Republicans had pretty much no say in the grand scheme of things; our county only gets to appoint a delegate to the national convention every other election cycle.

I'm not sure if Hunter knew that, but regardless, I was impressed. Had I been a Republican and qualified to vote (again, a long story), he would have had my ballot just because he took the time to call.

Of course, his personal pitch didn't stop Romney's surrogate from winning our county's alternate spot. But he did beat Romney in an equally meaningless straw poll among our qualified Republican voters - picking up roughly 26% of the vote.

Seriously, whatever his motivations, personally calling a small handful of nobodies is commendable in my book. I can only wish Hunter the best of luck, even if his presidential run is short-lived.


Anonymous said...

We must support Mr. Hunter!

He, and he alone, will ensure that the evils of modern science will be removed causing us to live the way GOD meant for us to!

All evilutionists should be placed in prison!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see my post has helped stimulate rational discussion.