Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Why 651 stickers? Learning Playground asks: Why not?

There's a lot to like about the packaging on Learning Playground's "Way Retro Stickers."

I can almost hear the sales pitch now:*

One awesome thing about these stickers is that they aren't just retro - they're "Way Retro." You may not think that's an important distinction, but believe me, it is. The brand, Learning Playground, also offers "Really Retro" and "Retro Success" stickers."

Another super cool feature is the odd quantity: Why not "650 Way Retro Stickers"? Or, if that last sticker is so important, wouldn't "Over 650 Way Retro Stickers!!!" sound a bit better?

Perhaps, but browsing Learning Playground's products yields no shortage of unorthodox numbering.

A sampling:
480 Success Stickers
500 Heavy Hauling Stickers
508 Monster Truck Stickers
548 Nature Photo Stickers
660 Friendly Fish Stickers
722 Tween Stuff Stickers
778 Farming Stickers
792 Cute Animal Stickers
804 Animal Success Stickers
Over 1,260 Motivational Stickers
Over 1,570 Motivational Stickers
1,800 Mini Stickers
I'd like to think there's some deep spiritual significance in those numbers, or at least a hidden Masonic message, but I'm guessing they just print whatever fits on the page and slap that number on the front.

So much for finding the most commercially-appealing quantity.

*There should be audio embedded directly below that sentence. If not, you can find it here. Music: Fork and Spoon by Kevin MacLeod.


Anonymous said...

The answer to the seemingly odd number is quite simple. How else could they advertise "50% more"??

Jason Hill said...

I'm laughing at their need to emphasize these way retro stickers as "acid free".

Nothing retro about that.

Anonymous said...

Anon: Excellent point.

Jason: Indeed. It's maddeningly contradictory.

Carol said...

hmmm "acid free" had a whole nother connotation, retro-ly speaking