Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thick head and broad shoulders

To prove how tough and manly my roommates and I are, I submit the following:
This past weekend, we had 5 bottles of Head and Shoulders in our shower.
No joke.For the record, that's 1.7 bottles of Head and Shoulders per roommate.

Call us dandruff-paranoid if you must, but don't accuse of us of smelling like buttered avocados and daisies.


Anonymous said...

You guys are obviously head and shoulders above the rest...
I salute you!

Anonymous said...

How is that even possible? 1) that you have that many h&s bottles, and 2) that they have that many kinds of packaging!

Anonymous said...

Anon1: Thanks, mom.

Anon2: 1) Under normal conditions, it probably isn't possible. However, two of the bottles were nearing empty - hence, backups were necessary. 2) I hear you. I remember the good ole days when Head and Shoulders was just Head and Shoulders.