Saturday, December 22, 2007

I has a mouse!

EDITOR'S NOTE: This video contains some rather graphic footage. If you're not good with watching little fuzzy animals die, then do yourself a favor and don't watch. But otherwise, you may think this is pretty neat.

This summer I had the good fortune to watch my Aunt and Uncle's cat play with, kill, and eat a mouse. And I had the further good fortune to catch it on tape.

You may think it's kind of gross (cuz, well, it is), but it's also pretty fascinating.

Look (and listen) for the distinct cast members:

Madison: a pretty kitty with a serious appetite
The Mouse: pretty much doomed by the time this film begins
CJ: a documentarian there only to "capture the story"
Jackie: wants to see blood
Becky: pities the mouse
John: at once repulsed by and attracted to the events as they unfold

The mouse totally got pwned.


Becky said...

I felt disgusted and devastated all over again watching this inhumane video. You should be ashamed.

Johnny said...

It was as if the mouse had a death wish. He could of ran away but instead chose to play "cat and mouse" and lost.

Anonymous said...

CJ - that was DISGUSTING! And... more importantly -- did Madison sign a release to post this video online???!!!

Anonymous said...

Becky: By definition, I don't think cats are capable of being "humane."

Johnny: Our consensus was that Madison had done something to the mouse before we got there.

Anon: I've already sent you the entirety of the profits.

Anonymous said...

So, I'm not entirely sure which is worse - the fact that you filmed this or the fact that I sat here and watched it. My mom didn't appreciate my commentary, either.