Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Even the obnoxious deserve Christmas cheer

You probably know how interested I am in unsolicited email. Like, sickly fascinated by it.

I got the following email a while back:
Hello Mister,

My name is Dxxxxx Vxxxx and I'm writing you this e-mail from my home office here in Boise, Idaho.

The reason for this e-mail is that you and I share something in common...

At some point in our lives we contemplated or tried to start a home-based business.

Don't worry; I'm not trying to sell you anything.

I just want to ask you a simple question.

"If I helped you start a part-time internet business from your home and in two years you were able to quit your job or possibly retire...would you send me a Thank You card?"

You see, I work with a team of professionals who've been working from home for many years and we've helped many, many people get started with their own Internet/home-based business.

If your answer is "Yes", that you would send me a "thank-you" card and that you would like to learn more, please take the no obligation tour by clicking the link below;

If your answer is "No", please delete this email as I will not be intentionally contacting you again.

Thank you so much for your time.

I hope you will at least take a look at it.

Dxxxxx Vxxxx
Home Office: [Idaho phone #]
In answer to her "simple question," I sent the following reply earlier this month. Click to see a more readable size.
Ms. Vxxxx's email is one of the most cordial I have ever received, and I have no idea if the offers are legit. She does have a real (or at least real-looking) webpage.

Of course, I've received emails with the exact same text from other people, like a guy from Victorville, CA, and a man from Dallas (Cedar Hill), Texas. Despite the replicated text, each email seems to offer a different sure and rapid fire plan to rake in the big bucks.

Despite sending the e-cards to a couple of these folks, I received no reply. Imagine that.

It's disappointing that we as American are so obsessed with finding the fastest and sketchiest path to success.

Ed. note: This post has been edited from its original version to remove the individual's name and webpage.


Anonymous said...

What I'm dying to know is if she responded to your e-card?????

Anonymous said...


Delina said...

Hello there, this is Delina Villa. I'm sorry I didn't receive your ecard..:-)

Thank you for advertising my site.

Happy New Year and I do hope you make it great! :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Delina!

To be honest, I'm not sure how much I trust that website's e-card mailer - I'll bet that's what's to blame.

Hey, I'm all for publicizing legitimate businesses. Glad to be of service.

Thank you for dropping by!

Best of luck in the New Year to you as well!

Delina said...

Hello CJ,

Yes, I do represent a legitimate business..:-) If I didn't, I surely wouldn't put my picture or my son's picture on the net...;-)

Nor would I have given you my home office number in the email I sent you..:-)

In regards to 'spam', I sure wish the spammers whom are sending me 'pe__' enlargement advertising would stop. I get about 10 of those a day. sheeesh

Do you know anyone trying to lose some weight this year and needing $50,000?

I saw your picture, doesn't look like you need to lose weight! ;-)

What is it that you do for work?

You're a smart marketer for your blog, I bet you are getting some web hits when people are searching my name..:-)


Anonymous said...

Hey Delina,

Totally agree with you on the spam thing. Every day my inbox gets filled with emails asking me in broken English to send my bank account number to some African lottery board. *sigh*

I'm a college student - so my mom would probably think I'm eating too much Ramen if I were to lose any weight. :D

I've picked up a couple hits from folks searching for your name, but I think they may have been from your visits. I'm pretty sure Slaunchways will slip on Google's rankings as soon as this post gets off the main page and into the archives.