Friday, November 02, 2007

You can't escape Satan's Bonds!*

A while back, fashion designer Marc Ecko decided to put the fate of Barry Bond's 756th home run ball in the hands of the American public.

In recognition of the controversy surrounding Bonds, Ecko set up a website where folks could vote what to with the slugger's record-breaking ball: blast it into space, give it to Baseball's Hall of Fame, or brand it with an asterisk, then give it to the Hall of Fame. Ultimately, a 47% plurality voted to brand it.

Ole Barry isn't a fan of the whole thing and yesterday announced that if the Hall of Fame accepts the asterisked ball, he will refuse to be inducted into the Hall of Fame (assuming he's eventually voted in).

I've found the whole thing to be fairly hilarious. But while I was searching for an article about Bonds' new declaration, I ran into this:
Apparently, the peeps at Google have taken their "Don't be evil" mantra to a whole new level - especially since "bonds would opt out of hell" returns 62,300 fewer hits than "bonds would opt out of hall."

But then again, you have to ask: just how many of those Bond hits are legitimate?

*He's already in one prestigious circle with Dante, why not another? ...ok, so that's a real stretch, but I had to work an asterisk in there somehow.


Reluctant Kerry said...

See, that makes sense. Bonds is not on steroids, rather, he sold his very soul to be the home run record holder.

Try as he might, though, he won't he able to opt out of hell. He consented to be bound to a valid contractual agreement. Signing blood oaths with Beelzebub is pretty standard stuff -- even first-year law students know that

Anonymous said...

An excellent point. As we speak, I am forwarding your suggestion on to George Mitchell.

(in case you're wondering, in an attempt to be helpful, yes, I did move and reformat your comment. apologies if I have violated your wishes)

Reluctant Kerry said...

No offense taken . . . I can use all assistance offered, i no compute good