Monday, October 29, 2007

Rockies bet turns rocky for Steve

As I mentioned previously, there was a lot riding on the World Series. The governor of Massachusetts had wagered a whole crabload of lobster and New England folk had about $15 million worth of furniture on the line.

But after my Boston Red Sox cut down the Colorado Rockies with some razor-sharp baseball, it was my roommate Steve who may have lost the most. At least in the facial hair department.

As promised, Steve lopped off half his beard and sported it in public today.

 As you might surmise from the above shot, it honestly wasn't all that noticeable of a change. I guess blonds just have all the luck. And dark-haired folk like myself get all the world championships.

I'll take it.


Anonymous said...

Lol, I love it! Except I think tilting your head and holding your face with your hands makes it less noticeable, spoilsport!

Anonymous said...

If the "after" photo was as explicit as the "before" one, it'd be a lot easier to tell who the winners and losers are.....

nate-dawg said...

My condolences to Steve. Looks good, although you're right, in that it's not all that noticeable. Maybe he should have shaved off an eyebrow, as well?

Anonymous said...

Honestly anon1 and anon2, the beard just wasn't that visible. We tried a couple different things with lighting and such but got no improvement on the visuals. Steve said a couple people stared at him for minutes trying to figure out what was different.

We definitely should have tried nate-dawg's suggestion.