Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wham goes the loss of hearing!

A video I (finally) threw together asking who should be embarrassed in the whole "Boom Goes the Dynamite" affair.*

The original video
If you haven't seen it in its entirety, you must.

CBS Wrap-up of their interview with Brian Collins
The video of the interview should be clearly visible. So should the goof-ups. Seriously, confusing Mario Kart for "Mario cards" creates a totally different connotation. That and shame on CBS for not knowing that "Mario Cards" isn't actually a game.

*Apologies for the technical glitch at 2:22. I have no idea why the video compressor jacked up my still of Mario Kart 64. It should be on-screen for about 4 seconds, but something went wrong while shrinking the file. Ah well. In case you were wondering, the folks playing Kart were not acting for the camera. Seriously.


Steven said...

Ha, the back of my head graces YouTube!

Carol said...

Well, that is just uum, err, ah kinda, it seems that ahh he um sorta yeah, at least they got to play the Mario card.