Thursday, September 27, 2007

The cost of price wars

In case you haven't heard, house prices in Jackson, Wyoming* have gone through the roof - even single-story roofs.

A smallish condo will run you about $500,000 and the average home is going for a median price of $1.2 million dollars. How crazy is that?

To prove the above is not entirely a rhetorical question, consider the following: if you were to pony up an additional $300,000 (only 25% more!), you could buy an 57-acre underground missile base.

Yes, I'm serious.

Schematics of the place:

While the BBC story on the thing (if you didn't click the link earlier, here's another opportunity) gives the missile base seller some credibility, it's certainly baffling that the guy has only a Yahoo! Mail account for email correspondence. That and he isn't letting anyone see the place until after they've purchased it...

However, you might get a rough idea of what it looks like from this nifty tour of what's probably a similar facility.

Originally spied on BoingBoing.
*Part of Wyoming in name only.


The OE said...

I can't show my own rebel base either. It's Top Secret

Carol said...

Waaay back in the early 70's Johnny worked in one of those in South Dakota. He and another guy were in charge of the 10 missiles around them.

Anonymous said...

OE: The conspiracy grows...

Carol: Wow! I'm impressed, because I'm pretty sure I'd not do well supervising large explosive devices.