Thursday, August 30, 2007


Sloppy syntax springs eternal
Graffiti spied at a Boston subway station. They could have least included an apostrophe. An "=" sign would have been helpful too.

It makes me wonder why ruralites aren't prosecuted for carving similar professions of love on trees far better looking than any concrete slab.

Remember: by marring a piece of granite, pioneers turned a rather nondescript rock into a site worthy of preservation. Somehow, I don't think RBNQ's equation will reach that level of appreciation. When you think about it, Independence Rock is probably about the only success story in the history of public defacement.


Anonymous said...

Like graffiti 'artists' are among the most educated???
At least the pioneers put real thought into posterity!

Anonymous said...

"lovesick" - that's genius!!
Wordplay is the best - and you're a master!

Anonymous said...

Anon1: While I can't really condone graffiti art, there is definitely a distinction to be made between RB + NQ = FEVeR versus something like this.

Anon2: I'm thrilled you liked it!