Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What happens in Reno, Stays in Reno

Preoccupied: Hotel room and cleaning lady
Kid you not: the scene from a hotel bathroom in a Reno casino. Fortunately, it easily came off the ceiling when grabbed with a large protective wad of toilet paper. Because there was no way I was taking a shower with that stuff hanging over my head. I would ask how it got up there in the first place, but some questions are honestly better left unasked.


Got a caption of your own? Let's hear it!


Jason Hill said...

"f-stop it"


Oh, and I'm not even sure tp is protective enough. Oye.

Johnny said...

Maybe the cleaning lady has a deer complex.

Reluctant Kerry said...

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. I don't think I could sleep there, let alone shower.

Did you check under the mattress for decomposing showgirl??? ALWAYS check under the mattress for decomposing showgirl.

Anonymous said...

Jason: Unfortunately, the hazmat suit was unavailable, leaving me with some risky business.

Johnny: A deer complex? Oh dear!

Kerry: To be honest, I'm now quite relieved I did NOT check under the mattress. Ick.

Carol said...

Kinda looks like a squiggle drawing, I see big glasses, some hair, half a mustache...

Hmmm, my word verification is SORSR, Harry Potter is everywhere!!

The OE said...

I kid you not, I had a similar experience on a recent secret mission. I was staying undercover in a hotel in XXX XXXXXXX, XX and there was hair on the bathroom floor AND the dirty cleaning rag on the towel rack. Normally these things don't phase a covert operative. Yes, I've seen worse. Much worse. In this case, since it fit with my cover persona, I called and raised the issue. Room service, by the way, was not up to the standards of National security.

Anonymous said...

Carol: Hmmmm, perhaps instead of looking for shapes in the clouds, I should check my arm hair.

OE: You are a more greatly hardened secret agent than I thought. Yuck.