Thursday, May 31, 2007

Oh my word! That's swell!

I ran across this linguistic beauty on vacation last week. Check it:
It may not be in your dictionary, and it might seem too awesome to be true, but believe it or not, "hydrofracking" is actually a real welling word.

According to Cushing and Sons (a different drilling company also based in New Hampshire):
Getting water from bedrock is accomplished by creating fractures in the bedrock. Our standard equipment delivers up to 350 lbs/in fracturing power. This will normally yield sufficient water yields. However, when it's necessary to increase water yields, a technique called "hydrofracking" is employed which delivers up to 5,000 lbs/in pressure. This opens and cleans sediments from existing fissures and creates larger fractures in the bedrock to increase water flow into the well. Link
Pretty cool, eh?

However, while a great definition, you may still have some questions, such as:

What should you expect when preparing to have your well HYDRO-FRACKED by Capital Well?

That answer and more found here.

Your assignment? Find a way to use it in a sentence tomorrow.*

*In case you were wondering, "You've gotta be hydrofracking kidding me!!!" doesn't count.


Anonymous said...

"I've been hydrofracked!"

does that count????

Anonymous said...

I'm just thrilled to learn that your trip to the East coast was educational!

The OE said...

I've got a mini hydrofracker that not only cleans sediment but also creates fissures.

The OE said...

BTW, I'm about to go do some hydrofracking in my bathroom. Be back later.

Anonymous said...

Anon, that's good, but the OE's second one takes the cake. Brilliant.