Thursday, April 19, 2007

Stop. Your just embarrassing yourself



Carol said...

Maybe they meant disguised political speaker.
It looks like it has been translated from another language.

Anonymous said...

I think you're right - I'm pretty sure it was translated from "politicese," one of the most cryptic languages known to man.

Anonymous said...

The title should be "you're," not "your." For someone making fun of misspellings, you're really leaving yourself open.

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

Actually, the grammatically incorrect "your" was intentional, in the same (overused) vein as this older post's title and the stricken portion of this recent post. But I certainly have been known to screw up spelling and grammar on many occasions.

So, why did I post this particular image? Part of the reason was to express my embarrassment that a poster announcing the visit of a guest of Senator Mitchell's caliber would make such an error, and perhaps make us Wyomingites look foolish.

However, the main reason I posted this was simply because I thought it was amusing. To me, it's ironic when a word like "distinguished" is messed up; if you browse through my blog, you'll see that I often poke fun at typos and other random stuff that strikes me as funny.

I certainly apologize if the title comes off as an insult, but that's not its intent. If you have any other remarks or questions (and this goes for anyone), don't hesitate to leave another comment or shoot me an email.

And now that I've written that book, I'll stop now.

Thanks again.