Monday, April 30, 2007

The Continuing Tale of a Video Mercenary

While I promise some not-solely-for-commercial-benefit videos are in the digital "can," and simply awaiting final editing, here's another video I did to try and win a contest. The good news however, is that I'm not begging you to go vote/watch elsewhere or anything like that (at least not yet :D).

GrandCentral is a phone service that offers some pretty neat features for free. I'm not going to explain the whole thing, so I'll just point you to this general overview, and tell you that I honestly think it's pretty awesome.* Anyway, they decided to put together a contest and I decided to enter.** The guidelines were 1 minute-ish talking about how you use a GrandCentral feature. Below is my entry. I hope it's entertaining.

I have to give a super-huge thanks to everybody at UWTV who helped out their lowly intern. They were all awesome (especially Steve the "obnoxious" co-worker).

Not only did they let me use a cubicle, they also let me use a light set and put up with the air conditioning turning on when my set-up sent the nearby thermostat skyrocketing. It was not a particularly warm day either. I owe them.

And speaking of family members, big thanks to my Uncle Tim for the glasses. They are awesome. And I can't believe he actually once wore them.

Incidentally, finals week is upon me, and who knows if I'll have time to post anything this week. As you may know things get pretty nuts around this time of year. As I like to say, it's "when academica turns to macadamia."***

*In case you're wondering, I'd been using GrandCentral prior to hearing about the video contest. In fact, it was only because I'm on their mailing list that I heard about it.
**$250 > Messengers screening. Seriously. Especially since I could use the cash to cover the new camera I just purchased. Don't worry - this video was not shot with that camera, nor did I pay close to $2800 for it.
**Yes, I pretty much wrote that paragraph just so I could get in that line. As if school has ever gotten in the way of blogging. Please.


Anonymous said...

I love it -- you crack me up!!!!!!!

Daniel said...

Very well done. Kudos also to the guy who played "the boss."

The OE said...

Fantastic disguise! You'd make a great undercover.

On the addressing people by their relation concept, did you read Robert Heinlein's book Citizen of the Galaxy? If not, let me explain why it comes to mind. At one point the character is on a "trader" ship and they have a complex familial structure where, in their language, there is a word to describe each discrete relationship.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the feedback all! Thrilled to hear it worked.

The "boss" was indeed teriffic. He was a natural.

OE: Have not heard of it, I'll have to check it out. Sounds interesting.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever considered Acting? 'cus Seriously, I'm sure Hollywood could find a place for you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, anon, I'm truly flattered.

But when I run for president, who'll take an actor seriously? :P