Tuesday, March 20, 2007

More paranormalcy, anyone?

As promised, the outtakes from our award-winning mockumentary.

In case you didn't catch the video the first time around or it isn't particularly fresh in your mind, you'll probably want to check out the main film before the bloopers.

Incidentally, in case you're confused, we renamed the video to "Haunted by Doubt: A Look at Paranormalcy."

Anyway, here's the original:*

And here are the bloopers, which just might be more entertaining than the final cut:

Hope they're fun.

*Why a Revver embed instead of YouTube? Well, Revver offers money for every click on the ads at the end of the clip, and the quality is better to boot. So I figure it's worth experimenting with.
**Tim, if you're reading this, the blooper reel is on that DVD so if you get the inkling to check it out, pop in the CD instead of killing your dial-up.
***In domain name news, we have a winner. This blog will eventually be moving to hocusfocus.info. Feedback and alternatives still welcome.


Tim Nance said...

Thanks for the stuff! It's great! I love the DVD. Much faster than dial-up, ha!

The OE said...

As someone who can't watch horror movies, I thank you for my unrest.