Thursday, February 01, 2007


First, I must begin by giving out a hearty and heart-felt thank you to everyone who kind enough to check out my video. I especially owe Johnny and Carol for generously putting links on their blogs, Tim for waiting a staggering 56 minutes to check it out, and my mom for emailing the link to everyone in her address book. There are of course others I owe as well - my Aunt Gig for viewing it despite having far more pressing and important issues in her own life to deal with, and my Aunt Debbie for passing it along to a bunch of people. I'm certain there are even more people that deserve thanks. Because of all of your help, I think we have a very good shot at winning the contest. Again, thank you all very much. It was a real encouragement to get 413 views before the deadline hit. I'll keep you posted on how our video fares in the contest. I also promise that I'll upload and post the best of the many out-takes from the video as soon as I get around to editing them.

As the year's advertising zenith* rapidly approaches, I ask you to consider the following.** But buckle up, things are about to get complicated. It's going to take some serious blue ink to get this thing straight.

I don't believe that UPS will be airing a spot during the Super Bowl this year, but I think that their current "Whiteboard" campaign warrants some consideration.

If you note the music in the background of the Whiteboard ads and website, it's ironically enough, a tune from the band "The Postal Service," a band that after name disputes with the US Postal Service now has their CDs sold on the USPS website.

Phew. Still with me? If I've succeeded in thoroughly confusing you, Wikipedia has a concise explanation of the whole thing here.

However, this oddity will only serve to add further bizarrity*** to an already weird rivalry. Just think about the strangeness of it all: the USPS and UPS, the two juggernauts of US mail, are separated by only one letter.

You can't make this stuff up.

*I think there's a football game being played in honor of the occasion.
**Incidentally, in writing this, I have discovered that I'm not by any stretch the first to pick up on this situation.
***Most definitely not a real word. But it should be.

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Tim Nance said...

Incidentally, I waited longer for your video than for the first showing of Star Wars Episode I. And your video was funnier. You all definitely deserve to win. Ha. I like the USPS/UPS/Postal service battle here... that's funny.