Sunday, February 04, 2007

Da Super Bowl!

First and foremost, for those of you who remember Puppy Bowl II last year, make sure you check out Puppy Bowl III. It'll be playing and replaying* from now until 1 am mountain time early tomorrow morning, giving you plenty of chances to catch the compelling action. Don't miss it!

Actually, after watching the pre-game...thing, I might just go ahead and stick with the puppies.

But anyway, in honor of the most celebrated day in the sports calendar, I ask you to put on your thinking caps for a just a moment and explain this one to me. I present for your consideration two teams not playing in Super Bowl XLI - the Washington Redskins and Buffalo Bills.

My problem is this: the franchise names simply don't make any sense. I suppose it could just be me, but seriously, doesn't Washington have more to do with Bills than Redskins? And doesn't "Buffalo" associate pretty well with "Redskins"? Honestly, I can't think of any good reasons why they can't switch.
Because it just makes more sense.

My fearless Super Bowl predictions: Colts 31, Bears 17.**

*And replaying and replaying and replaying.
**Fearless because the score currently sits Bears 14, Colts 6.


Shaleena said...

Congratulations on your great prediction!

Carol said...

Hey, that bill rocks!!