Monday, January 29, 2007

A Formal Request for Assistance

UPDATE: We officially won this contest. Seriously. So about 413 thanks to everyone who helped drive traffic to our little video.

You guys are awesome.

The original post (now with the actual video embedded) follows...

You, and everyone else possible.

WHEN: A.S.A.P. (or before the clock strikes midnight on Wednesday night)

WHAT: Last week, I ran across a contest on YouTube hosted by an online Comcast horror website, FEARnet (great name, huh?). The contest, designed in large part to promote the upcoming horror flick, The Messengers, asks filmakers to put together a mini-movie that "illustrates that children are messengers trying to warn us of paranormal threats" (original, huh?).

The grand prize (a screening for 100 people of The Messengers) is at least interesting, and
there are very few entries, and almost none of them (I actually think none, but I'm not positive) meet the actual contest qualifications; most have nothing to do with the paranormal or children and most are over 4 minutes (the contest requires it be under 4), so my friends and I (like Steve) came up with an idea.

I don't want to spoil the movie for you, but I'll just say that my friends and I decided to put our unique spin on the subject (and fear not, the action never rises above a mild PG).

WHY: The first section of the contest is judged solely by page views. The 5 videos with the highest amount of video views will advance to a second round of judging. I presume only eligible entries would be allowed into the final round, but who knows, for all I know, they might just call the whole thing off if the top 5 weren't eligible. Some videos, as mentioned have been up for a while (like music videos) and have quite a few views.

ACTION REQUESTED: I need some serious help in getting views. I'd be elated if you would be so kind as to watch it, and if (and only if) you think it's any good, it would be amazingly awesome if you could pass it along to your friends/family/homeless people in your life.

WHERE: or since the view count contest is over, just check it out below:

I'd love to hear your thoughts on it! Commenting on YouTube is a serious pain, but I'd be thrilled to take any feedback here.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Official contest rules here, the YouTube FEARnet contest page here (has all the submitted videos, an explanations, etc.)