Saturday, December 09, 2006

Words are wonderful things devices

Did you know that uglily is a word? It's amazing what hours of time-wasting Internet exploration* will do for one's vocabulary and general knowledge.
uglily (adv.)
a modifier used in describing a thing of a generally displeasing nature, esp. aesthetically

He uglily wrote the sentence.**
It's nice to see that some words in the English language make sense.

*Not to be confused with Internet Exploreration. Choose righteousness - choose Firefox.
**Taken from Baker's Unknown Dictionary, 2006.
EDITOR'S NOTE: Yes, yes, I do promise that bigger and at least somewhat better stuff is on the way. Or is at least planned to be on the way.
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Carol said...

I sillily began applying this to other words ending in ly, but gave up when I found manlily. That just turned into an oxymoron within itself.

Anonymous said...

Manlily - I love it!

Tim Nance said...

Something about uglily being accepted as a word makes me want to secede from teaching English...

Anonymous said...

Oh c'mon Tim, tough it out manlily.