Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Who wins on election day?

In Wyoming this year, the most hotly contested election was for our one (yes, one) seat in the U.S House of Representatives. The race pitted incumbent Republican Barbara Cubin against Democratic challenger Gary Trauner.

The campaign got pretty heated in the weeks leading up to yesterday's election; Trauner criticized Cubin's partisanship, and Cubin accused the New York-born Trauner of being an east-coast liberal.

I don't mean to bore you with Wyoming politics. The only reason I say all this is to provide some context to this gem from Cubin, who's had a knack for gaffes and oddities throughout her years in public service.

In this quote, found in the Casper Star Tribune last week (article online here), Cubin explains the rationale behind her ads that derided Trauner (who moved to Wyoming 16 years ago) as a New Yorker at heart:With quotes like that, you have to wonder why Cubin isn't Secretary of Defense.

However, with all that being said, it would appear that Ms. Cubin has (barely) been elected to a 7th term in office. She must be doing something right.


Steven said...

More rationale for my vote cast for Trauner. Gary clearly has better values than Cubin. I had forgotten about the Cubin cookie incident, good grief. She makes me sick.

Carol said...

I too have a blue eyed son, as does Cubin and looking at her comments from another point of view, open minded, with an eye toward fairness, I would have to conclude that coming to a conclusion on Ms. Cubin's comments, as it were, puts her in a different light, however such illumination might mean she has a tendancy to stereotype those of a certain age or color, or to put it bluntly she has been known to paint herself into a corner using her tongue as the brush.

Anonymous said...

Carol: "paint[ing] herself into a corner using her tongue as the brush." I love it!

I think you're on to something too - she's seems to have almost turned Cubinisms into an art form...