Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Joys of Home Cinematography

I debated over whether or not to post this for a while. And finally, I decided why not, especially since I haven't gotten my lazy self around to finishing the 2006 that wasn't.

So, here's an unusual offering for you.

This is a video that my step-brother Josh and I did for fun a few years back. Some of the jokes may be inside ones, but I'm hoping the general populace finds it funny too.

If you like lameness, bad acting, and terrible accents, with not-so-awesome image quality there's a good chance you might like it. It's also quite long (11 minutes) so please make sure you have absolutely nothing better to do.

Here goes nothing:

Nothing like amateur filming.


Tim Nance said...

Unfortunately, my dial-up makes this masterpiece impossible to download... I'll let you know sometime when I'm visiting in-laws.

I have Series 1 sendable. I couldn't get my scanner working, so I just photographed them... not the optimal method, but it works.

Johnny said...

I am glad truth in advertising is alive and well at Unknown Knows.*

*see last paragraph before video.

Bravo! Bravo! Break-a-leg and anything else theatrical.

Carol said...

It looks like that was a lot of fun

Anonymous said...

Tim: Dial-up is no fun.

Johnny: We keep things real here. As you will note, the film contains no misleading special effects. For example, Donkey Kong really did float in front of the camera for the final scene.

Carol: You betcha!

Anonymous said...