Sunday, November 05, 2006

Best in Class

College life can be interesting.

Like, for example, when someone randomly decides it's no biggie to regularly bring their pet dog to class and let it roam freely about during lectures.

Good thing Goldie's cute.

To my knowledge she hasn't eaten any homework this semester, but she did manage to beg a big gob of granola bar off the girl she's staring down in the picture.

The trick of course, is to find a way to get her to take notes for me...

UPDATE: A few weeks after this post was written, the girl brought her pet to class once again...but this time Goldie wasn't the only one hot on her owner's heels - right behind the dog came a peeved building employee who told the owner and her dog to vamoose. Despite the owner's protestations that "no one had ever cared before," the two were removed from the classroom. Goldie never returned to our class.


Amanda said...

seriously? they can do that? that's awesome.

Anonymous said...

Technically, they can't.

I'm pretty sure dogs aren't allowed in that building, let alone a class. But no one has called the owner on it yet, so the oddity goes on.

Carol said...

Hmmmm, and I wonder what would happen if someone else were to bring their cat.

ss said... fasinating!!! Goldie is cute...i think Zeus would be a better class companion...and i do believe i would be called on having a 65 pound dog wandering around in class...HAHAHA!!!

Jason Hill said...

That is sweet! Can people bring their kids to class? If so, why not dogs?

I have a lazy goal* to get a job where I can bring my dog with me.

*sigh* Someday.

*lazy goal=a goal I set, but never do anything about.

Anonymous said...

Carol & ss: What about a 65 pound cat? Now that would be something to get away with.

Jason: Lazy goals are the best kind of goals to have: they sound great at parties and require no action. I'm getting pretty good at them.

7th floor comrade said...

CJ!! I have seen this dog! Last semester in my Agroecology class! She brought him everyday! I loved it because i love dogs.... but i'm surprised no one has complained about her and her dog...not even professors! If I had a choice, I would rather have class with the dog than the owner.....