Friday, October 06, 2006

What's their face?! Contest Rules

It's high time for a new contest. And not another Punny Pic. No, this time we're kicking off a new game. I like to call it "What's their face?!"

The premise is simple: I present you with a famous (or not so famous) animated character, give you an audio clip of the character in action, and you try to guess what the real person behind the mic looks like by choosing between 6 different people-pictures I provide. Obviously, only one of the pictures will be the real narrator. Pretty simple.

The rules are simple too. The first five people to guess correctly win a free song of their choice from iTunes. I know, it's not a super-exciting prize, but hey, it's not a super-difficult contest either.

To enter a guess, all you have to do is either send me an email, or just post your guess as a comment under this post. And before you ask, you only get one shot. Whenever one of these contests is in session, I'll have comment moderation enabled until the end. This means that no comments show up on this blog until I approve them, so none of the guesses submitted will be publicly posted until the contest is over.

So what am I asking of you? A couple simple things: 1) If you post your guess as a comment, I would ask you give me an email address that I can contact you at if you guess correctly. I promise that your email address will remain completely confidential, and that I will not use it for any purpose except if I (not anyone else) need/want to contact you. 2) Most importantly, *PLEASE* (I'm begging you) don't poke around online or wherever for answers as to the character's identity. There's no way for me to stop you, but I ask that you respect my rules and simply use the information I give you. Seriously.

When the contest ends, I'll post the correct answer, a list of guesses (minus any email addresses), and explain a little bit about who was pictured.

That's all there is to it. Hope you enjoy naming their face.

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