Monday, October 09, 2006

What's their face? Contest #1

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is a "What's their face?" contest. For rules and an explanation, please check out this page.

For the first "What's their face?!" contest, I chose animated advertising super-star Erin Esurance. The pink-haired animated spokesperson for has had a bevy of cartoon ads and radio spots proclaiming the "Quote. Buy. Print." simplicity of Esurance. Erin has quite a few fans across the net, but her true identity remains largely an enigma.

Listen to the audio clip below, look at the pictures, and tell me, "What's her face?!"

Erin Esurance

The correct answer?

Erin #1
- known to the real world as Mo Mellady, Mo runs, a site that produces radio programming designed to get the word out about environmental issues.

Both Ginger and Ss correctly guessed Erin #1 - they get to pick a song of their choice from iTunes as a prize. Congratulations!

As for the others:
Erin #2 is none other than recording artist KT Tunstall, pictured here. In my humble opinion, her single "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" might not be a bad pick for an iTunes prize...

Steve incorrectly guessed that Erin #2 was the one behind the mic.

Erin #3 is a girl named Titi Kamal who, as far as I can gather, is a broadcaster for the Indonesian FeMale Radio. The site features an interesting mix of English and what I'm guessing is Indonesian.

Tim, Kristi, and Leo all banked on this Erin.

Erin #4 is Winifred Phillips, a musical composer, most famous for her video game scores, I found her photo here.

Steph and Ben both wagered on Erin #4.

Erin #5 is controversial radio and TV personality Wendy Williams, whose picture I found here.

No one fell for Erin #5.

Erin #6 is jazz vocalist Connie Evingson, I found her picture here.

Jason, Ron, and Rebecca Marie put their stock in Erin numero seis. I have to give a special shout-out to Jason for the all too kind and awesome link.

A super big thanks to everyone who played - it was a lot of fun for me, and I hope it was for you too. We'll definitely have to do this again in the not too far off future. Let me know if you have any comments**, questions, or suggestions to improve on in the future.

Again, thanks everybody and congrats to the winners.

*If the clip doesn't play, or you absolutely have to have a different clip of Erin Esurance in action, you could check out this page.
**In case you're wondering, normal commenting has been re-enabled.


ManNMotion said...

Hey it's a contest!

CJ's sick roommate said...

Oh I see I don't even get recognition of guessing the right Erin? Well let me tell you something buster, even though I can't physically talk now I can still type up a storm. Oh yeah it's on now. bad enough I don't get a prize but no recognition??? Man I can't believe it. ........

Ok I'm over it now have fun answering phones.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, sickly roomate, it's true - you did get it right, but the whole "same room" thing kinda seemed a touch unfair. If I didn't let my mom win (who wasn't sitting less than 5 feet away when I created the contest), you were out too.