Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Skewed towards incompetence

It's time for a quick psychology experiment.

If you can, stop whatever you're doing, turn off the music, and give me your undivided attention for just a moment.

Now, look at the following image, and answer the question:
Let me guess - you picked b?

Just kidding.

As I'm sure most of you realized, the two lines are actually equal in size. Line "a" only appears larger because of a complex optical illusion. I don't want to go into a tedious discussion of the science involved, but suffice it to say that various iodes in your centrous necrotic opticon are experiencing acute mnemonic deviance.

Like I said, it's complicated stuff, and I doubt most of you are capable of understanding the science at work. So, for the confused skeptics out there, I offer the following indisputable visual evidence as found in Monday's Casper Star-Tribune:
How do you argue with that published proof? As you can clearly see, both lines represent 22 percent of the Democrats polled. Ergo, the lines are equal. Simple as that.

Of course the most stubborn of cynics still might not be fully convinced. They might propose any one of the following counter-theories to explain the figures' apparent lack of equity:

1) The biased Star-Tribune was seeking to play-up Dale Groutage by exaggerating his line of support.
2) Poll data actually has a margin of error of +/-45 percent, because something isn't adding up.
3) Somebody in the graphics department must have goofed.

Take your pick. I'd definitely say the lines were equal size, but hey, it's your call.

*A unblurry picture of the poll results can be found here, if you want to see how Thomas is doing among other Wyoming groups.


Carol said...

Or...there should have been a 67 in the blue line so that the percentages would add up to 100 but the graphics department goofed up.

Tim Nance said...

That's pretty funny. Polls are beautiful things, aren't they? I had someone call me for a political poll the other day--He got flustered when I told him that his questions were dichotomies and that I couldn't answer them.

And thanks for the vote of confidence in my writing.

Anonymous said...

Or perhaps, Carol, those leftist hippies in the media should put that 67 in the red line where it belongs!!!

I believe in the use of military force to solve conflicts.
Agree or disagree?

ManNMotion said...

Nice lines. I think I'll upgrade the size of my house based on this very concept.

Anonymous said...

Chalk one up for WYOMING newspapers!!!!