Monday, September 25, 2006

Retro Edition

Believe it or not, a few headlines for you this Monday...

Conn. mom breaks record for biggest baby
Said a doctor involved with the delivery, "She was crying all over the place! I mean, I know I'm a man and all, but there's no way it hurt that much."

Minister Wants Penn's Butt
My nomination for the most classless headline I've ever read. No joke.

Adobe Systems 3Q profit down, tops views
What do you say to something like this? I mean, what can you say? Like, "HA! We didn't suck as badly as you thought we would!"? I really don't know.

'Jackass' tops Jet Li to win box office
As expected, butthead* Sean Penn's "All the King's Men" emerged at the number one slot at the box office this weekend. Er...wait a second...

Finally, I caught this on MSN the other day:

Don't get me wrong: I love blogging as much the next guy or gal, but you will NEVER catch me introducing myself as Unknown Knowns and Other Ramblings' dad.


*See previous Penn headline


Steven said...

Hey Unknown Knowns and Other Ramblings' dad, you need to look after your little one. The poor sidebar has gone down hill. At least in IE.

Anonymous said...

I'm not seeing any problems in either Firefox or Internet Explorer, Steve.

Anyone else having viewing problems?

Jason Hill said...

Looks fine to me in IE6 and FF1.5.

Father of 2