Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Don't judge a (audio) book by its cover

Perusing eBay the other day, I got a bit of a chuckle when I ran across this auction for a digital camera. The English feels a touch awkward throughout the item's listing, but what I found humorous was the audio version of the manufacturer's warranty.

To demonstrate the recording abilities of the camera in question, the seller put together the following clip:

Liquidatingcenter Warranty
Audio file Hosted by minorcrisis.net

You can laugh (I did) and say what you will about customer "satification," but the bottom line is Liquidatingcenter (the camera's seller) has received positive feedback 98.8% of the time in over 1600 transactions.

Apparently, there isn't a direct relationship between English fluency and trustworthiness.**


I guess I learn something I shoulda knew every day.

*If the clip fails to play/appear alongside the asterisk, you can try downloading/listening to it here, or if that fails, you can try getting the clip on its original website here.
**Then again, those used car salesmen do talk a mean game...


Jason Hill said...

It sounds like there might be some back-masking on there. Have you tried playing it backward? You might find a hidden message!

Anonymous said...

Great idea Jason, but alas, there's no hidden message. Listen for yourself here.

Jason Hill said...

I don't know, sounds like it might be Ukrainian. We need a translator like on Inside Man