Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Punny Pic Contest #4

This contest ended Saturday, July 15, 2006 - both Steve and Carol solved the puzzle. Steve wins a bunch of CD's, like, the Foo Fighters, and Carol wins the $5 Hasting's gift card.

The headline I was referring to with this picture?

click on the image for a larger version
Explanation of the image: We've got a patch of moss longfully looking at a soaring falcon and raven. Nuf said. If you follow the link above, you'll see that the real headline was a reference to Oakland Raider Randy Moss's recent comments that he would have rather been traded to the Atlanta Falcons or Baltimore Ravens than Oakland.

Explanation of the clue: The clue read as follows - Start browsing headlines on the number one conservative sports website and your search will last Not For Long. The conservative comment refers to Foxsports.com, the reference being to Fox's generally conservative slant on the headlines. The capitalization of Not For Long was a hint that you should be browsing NFL headlines on the sports site. The headline in question was one of the featured NFL stories for much of the week, and a site search for "moss" would also have pulled up the story. Incidently, the image credits at the bottom of the page were available to offer added insight (for example, the birds are identified in their original contexts as a raven and a falcon).

Since the original story was a little boring, and I was little bored, I went ahead and wrote my own version using the punny interpretation. Feel free to read it:click for a readable version

Anyway, thanks to all who played. No one made any crazy guesses, so I have no weird ones to post.

We'll have to do it again sometime.

IMAGE CREDITS: The background and rock images are courtesy of PDPhoto.org (images found here and here), one bird is from the Arizona Ecological Services Field Office page here, and the other bird is from Aaron Logan's LIGHTmatter.net, found here. Editing done with Paint.NET and The GIMP.


Anonymous said...

Do we really have to wait until 6pm???? Pure torture!

Anonymous said...

Let's see...."Cool stuff laying around" ??!! You don't mean those dirty socks or gum wrappers, do you?????

ManNMotion said...

Mossy something. Am I close?

Anonymous said...

Don't quit your day job....

Carol said...

The lights and the cameras showed up at my house last night as Mr. Mosty's main representative posed with me holding my prize. I forgot to ask which network carries the coverage, probably Foxnews. Watch for it tonight, unless we are bumped by a bigger story, yeah like that will happen.

ManNMotion said...

I got messed up because I thought one of the birds was an owl.