Friday, June 23, 2006

World Cup Soccer - Uncovering the Stories behind the Stories

As many of you know, the red, white, and blue suffered another demoralizing defeat yesterday to finish off a deeply dissatisfying World Cup run.

Yes, Serbia and Montenegro were sent off with a disappointing defeat at the hands of Ivory Coast amid squabbling, injuries, and a great deal of tension.

Certainly the poor tournament was a shame for Serbian-Montenegrins everywhere, but I have to say that it didn't surprise me in the least. And that's not a criticism of the S & M named team. While they may have had their problems, the issues working against S & M were far deeper than a lack of talent and/or cohesion.

Consider the following:

1. Coca-Cola is an OFFICIAL PARTNER of the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

2. Coca-Cola is sworn enemies with fellow cola beverage distributor Pepsi, who is most definitely not an OFFICIAL PARTNER.

3. Serbia and Montenegro's team logo looks like this...
Does it really take any imagination to see this...?If you think there was any way Coca-Cola was about to let a walking Pepsi advertisement make waves in the tournament, you just don't understand soccer. And there's no way FIFA wanted a pissed off OFFICIAL PARTNER.

Sorry Serbia and Montenegro. But hey, since you guys are splitting your nation in two anyway, it gives you both a great chance to design some far more Coca-Cola-friendly team logos.

Editor's Note: For the sake of full disclosure, another one of the other red, white, and blues didn't do all that hot either.


ManNMotion said...

Coke is Communist Red. Plus Dasani bottles are too big to fit in my Japanese car's cupholder. Is this some kind of underground economic warfare?

Anonymous said...

I see you've noticed there's another world Cup battle going on right now...

Rand al'Thor said...

Interesting piece of info...
Another one of the red, white, and blues did all right (though they were dressed in green and gold). A crappy call by a ref in the 93rd minute knocked them out of the final 16. A clumsy Italian cost them the game! But I'm not bitter, unlike some of the people I work with.
Just thought you might like to know. (No I didn't watch the game, but everyone's talking about it...)