Friday, June 09, 2006

What the eh?!

Last week, some of you may have heard about the Canadian politician, Joe Volpe, who was found to be taking donations from children, in an apparent attempt to to skirt legislation limiting individual donations. Unsurprisingly, the story got picked up by the intrepid team in Reuters "Odd News" department.*

However, perhaps more odd than politically active minors was the opposition's reaction. Check out this quote:


You read that right.

The Canadian Liberal Party is an egg-sucking dog.

That has to be put down.

Seriously, I don't care what continent you're from, that's some terrific rhetoric. I mean, even Ann Coulter doesn't get that vitriolic.**

If can only wish only U.S. politics were so colorful.

*Reuters' links eventually die off, but you can read the story in -SCREENSHOT-*** form here.

**Dick Cheney

***No idea why I felt the need to put that in different unreadable colors.


Carol said...

Wow this post has so much in it, I can't believe what you dug up. I think I have actually heard Johnny Cash sing Dirty Ole Egg Sucking Dog.

ManNMotion said...

Is that country music?

Anonymous said...

I like to pretend Johnny Cash isn't country so I can like him and still profess a hatred of country, but I'm pretty sure I'm lying to myself.

Reluctant Kerry said...

I lost a Springer Spaniel to egg sucking. It was horrible, truly horrible. But as horrible as the Canadian Liberal Party ??? . . . I don't know about that.

I miss you Rusty.

Anonymous said...

Is there anyone egg-sucking hasn't touched?