Friday, June 02, 2006

Casper, WY: the next New Orleans?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Google ads have since been removed from (formerly Unknown Knowns).

I've often wondered why I bothered to put those cruddy looking Google Ads on this site - because it probably isn't for the 2 cents a week.

While surfing the web earlier this week, I got my answer:

I have Google Ads on Unknown Knowns and Other Ramblings because I'm hoping that someday soon I'll get an ad as ridiculous as this one:
Wyoming Hurricane: Are you prepared?Some have accused President Bush of using scare tactics, but that ad is on a level of it's own. This is a government site (you can visit it here) pushing me to buy flood insurance so I don't get hammered by the next hurricane.


I'm sure that's what Noah's neighbors said too, but until the San Andreas fault line moves about 1000 miles northeast and Wyoming falls 4000 feet in elevation and the eastern Pacific Ocean becomes a more hurricane-friendly environment, I'm not going to buy it. As far as I know, the only recorded Wyoming Hurricane was the 1944 film.

Sorry guys. Better luck mindlessly using my IP address to target ads next time.


Carol said...

I am counting on the levees to hold so Lake Powellchertrain won’t flood the basin.

Reluctant Kerry said...

Sure, no hurricains . . . but what about the typhoons? My GOD, the typhoons!!!

Steven said...

Hmmm.... maybe they're referring to the 'hurricane' force winds. Anyway here is a screen shot of one of your ads that I thought was humorous.

ManNMotion said...

Must be one of those brokeback hurricanes

Anonymous said...

If you had as hard of a time reading that ad Steve linked to as I did, you can look at larger (aka readable) version by clicking here.