Friday, June 30, 2006

Don't miss the local news at 10!

After I poked fun at the Cody Enterprise's recent pictorial goof in my last post, Steve wondered how such a picture could even be considered front page material. Believe me, things like a Wild West auction is big news for small town Wyoming.

If you thought that was some boring front page material, check out this headline that ran front and center (I kid you not) about a month ago:

Click image for larger version


While I understand that it had to be a traumatic (and perhaps financially devastating) experience, even the dog made it away unscathed. Where's the doom and gloom in that?!

Small town people just don't get it.


Steven said...


I'd send you a front page Japan headline about fire breathing dragons that have been attacking old ladies on the street but it turns out it was a magazine like the National Enquirer. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

First glance at the photo made me wonder if they were trying to re-inact the incident. I think in a couple seconds the upper branch is going to whack her.

ManNMotion said...

I can't help but notice that "tornado" and "tree" both start with the letter "t". Perhaps what we are truly looking at here is a mispelled word incorrectly autocorrected by MS word.

Anonymous said...

Steve: Fire-breathing dragons? I'm glad it's you and not me in Japan.

Ginge: They probably won't re-enact the frigtening fall until the "Year in Review" edition, which will probably be complete with diagrams.

ManNMotion: I could believe that, but the tougher question then becomes: do tornados ever fall?

Steven said...

Seriously CJ you need to come to Japan, fire breathing dragons or not. At least get out of Wyoming.