Monday, May 08, 2006


I know I've promised to give up the whole excuses thing, but I think vacation counts. Or here's a better one: I have to walk a flipping mile to get Internet access. Yes, I can see it now: "That's right kids, when your grandpa CJ was a young man, if he wanted to access the Internet, he had to walk 15 miles! Uphill!*"

Here are a few quick follow-up stories that have been brought to my attention in recent days:

First, I think we can pretty much be certain that I was right about Moussaoui: the whole trial actually was influenced by mind-altering drugs. Did you all hear that he tried to withdraw his guilty plea (after he was sentenced, of course) because the jury decided not to kill him?! Read all about it.

Second, I'm beginning to reconsider my indignation at that letter Geico sent me insinuating that I look like a caveman. I was walking through a shopping mall near where I'm staying on vacation - around 1,000 miles from my home - and some guy hollers to me from a spa/salon place that they're having a special on "back waxings." Seriously.

However, I was fully clothed, so I'm not sure if he was actually telepathic, or just joking around.

Finally, as a follow-up to last time's White Out post, when I saw this, I couldn't help but snag a snapshot:

Now there's some white trash!**

*Barring senility, it'll only be uphill one way - gotta keep it believable.

**Editor's Note: In hopes of not furthering negative stereotypes of the state in question as being heavily racist, I will only say that it is a state that borders Wyoming.

***Editor's Note II: To ensure that no state comes under unjust scrutiny because of its proximity to Wyoming, I feel compelled to add that the state in question is not Utah, Nebraska, South Dakota, Colorado, or Montana.

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