Wednesday, May 31, 2006


In recent days, I haven't been following the headlines as well as I probably should, but my full attention was grabbed today when I saw this one on the Boston Herald website (click on the headline for the full story):
I was pretty creeped out.

First, the Brangelina "they" is really disturbing, but more importantly, does anyone else get the impression they've just purchased a bunch of Extra-Cute, Mostly-Hairless Namibia babies?

Think about it: while we all know that selling children is illegal, does it say anything anywhere about not making one of those "suggested donations" for a kid? I certainly can't remember running across any legislation on the books, and this headline tells me that celebrities such as these are taking full advantage of the loophole.

Sure, Bradd Pit and Miss Jolie say their adopted children are from Cambodia and Ethiopia, but why should we trust them?* I think the real reason they were "holed up in Namibia" was to secretly pay off low-lifes that sold them the first two kids, all under the guise of international philanthropy, generosity, and kindness.

Heck, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if it turned out that Angelina Jolie has actually just been overdoing it on the Haagen Dazs the past 9 months and wasn't not pregnant at all and actually bought a third kid this past weekend.

People like Brangelina make me sick.

*Just remember: the tabloids know a celebrity's life way better than they themselves do. Seriously.

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