Monday, April 10, 2006

Excuses Test

Instructions: Read the excuse descriptions, examine the visual evidence presented in support of the excuse, and choose which BEST represents the reason why CJ has not posted in the past week. If the images are too small, you may click on them for a larger version.

Excuse 1: This site has been shut down by U.S. Central Command for posting an embarrassing picture of Fmr Centcom Commander Tommy Franks.
HINT: It may be helpful to note that the visit from Centcom occured a mere 4 hours from the posting of the Tommy Franks content in question.

Excuse 2: CJ has been overwhelmed by massive amounts of extremely intellectually taxing homework.
HINT: While reading the essay is highly discouraged, it may be helpful to note the second-grade writing level.

Excuse 3: The Unknown Knowns creative and motivational juices just aren't flowing. CJ's brain has patently rejected his recent attempts at humor as flat-out lousy, and refuses to come up with anything better.

Questions to Consider:

(Use complete sentences)

1) Is CJ a threat to national security?

2) Why do you think Napoleon was short and French?

3) Does CJ have "some serious issues" like CJ says he does?

When completed, please turn the test in, and sit quietly at your desk until the other students are finished.

This test was indirectly inspired by ManNMotion, ©2006.


Anonymous said...

4:05 a.m. ????????????????? You are truly out of your mind!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

1) CJ is a level 2c threat to the National Security of the United States. This is why I have been assigned to shadow er room with him for all this while.

2)Napoleon was a Corsican and thus not fully French.

3)CJ has some very serious issues. Squirt me with the Squirt gun and there will be war.

ManNMotion said...

C'mon dude, get're in WYOMOING!

ManNMotion said...

Or some such state that starts with w that I apparently can't spell.