Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The ties that bind: Hillary's neck on the line?

Well, I've been quite busy wasting my time on other things lately, but I thought you all would enjoy this bit of headline insight sent in by CJ barber/Unknown Knowns reader Carol Hill...

Some of you may remember (I didn't) that back during the Lewinsky scandal/affair/whatever, President Clinton's choice in ties came under intense scrutiny. Essentially, it was suspected by some that Clinton's choice to wear a gold tie at an August 6, 1998 press conference, was not a fashion statement, but a way of sending some secret message to his former fling. President Clinton laughed off the allegations at the time, and it would appear that we now know why - Carol found this headline last week on Yahoo News:

[Hillary] Clinton Quiet About Past Wal-Mart Ties

Apparently, the real controversy behind the gold tie was not some secret message to Ms. Lewinsky, but rather the fact that it was cheap, second-rate, and probably sweatshop-manufactured.


While you may think that this whole tie thing is unimportant in the grand scheme of things, let me assure you - it's knot.


Carol said...

You tied those thought together very well!

Amanda said...

clearly, you have more men voting in your polls than females. and british guys are not stupid and girly. ha ha. just admit you dont like to admit when you're lost.

good tie pun. i enjoyed it.