Friday, March 31, 2006

Somewhere over the rainbow...

On my way to lunch the other day, I couldn't help but notice a rather odd bulletin board, apparently encouraging passers-by to partake in "National Nutrition Month."

Here's a picture of it:
By my reasoning, this has to be a trick question - mustn't a "pot of gold" by definition either be composed of or contain gold? However, the pictured pot isn't remotely golden-looking, and while the beans are a good source of iron, the pot is clearly not full of precious metals.

I don't know - maybe in nutritional nerd language, a "pot of gold" is some politically correct euphemism for "your big fat gut" or something, but from my point of view, a "pot of gold" has gold in it.

End of story.

Editor's Note: The Irish always get a bum rap for being hot-headed fellows, but I'll tell you what - if I reached the end of the rainbow and all I got was stinking pot of broccoli, I'd be pretty pissed too.


Anonymous said...

You couldn't mean broccoli, that lean green nutrition machine?????!

Anonymous said...

Two things...upon careful observation this is a subversive plot to blow up vegetable produce aisles in your friendly neighborhood grocery stores so we would drive more cows mad by eating at Wendy's (you get the connection?!)...and, secondly, never trust a rainbow that isn't ordered in ROY G. BIV!!!

Anonymous said...

When enlarging the picture one can actually see a little leprechaun in the reflection under the rainbow...evidently looking for his pot of....STEW?! WHAT THE HEY!!!