Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Punny Pic Contest #3

In what I had originally felt was the easiest contest yet, the puzzle went unsolved.

"A Kit-Cat bar"

This one was all about figuring out who the people were. If you found out who they were, the solution was absolute cake.

The clue for this one was, "The guy in the front here isn't Johnny, and the guy in the back is perhaps most famous for his fall from A-list to watch-list."

"The guy in the front here isn't Johnny," was a reference to Johnny Carson (i.e. Heeeeere's JOHNNY!). However, this man is not Johnny Carson; he's Kit Carson.

"...the guy in the back is perhaps most famous for his fall from A-list to watch-list," was, in retrospect, perhaps a touch too cryptic. The man in the back is Yusuf Islam, a.k.a. 70's pop star Cat Stevens. In 2004, as you may or may not recall, Mr. Islam/Stevens was famously detained for being on the U.S. "watch-list", a list of persons suspected of supporting terrorist activities.

In the picture you have Mr. Carson and Mr. Stevens in a liquor-serving establishment, hence, "a kit-cat bar."

I'll make sure the clue's a little easier to follow next time, and thanks to everyone that participated.

Credits: The bar photo was taken from here, the Cat Stevens pic from here, and I grabbed Kit Carson's picture from here and here.

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Jason Hill said...

Oh! well if you put it like that it makes complete sense. I don't know if I'd have ever figured out Cat Stevens.

Nice photo work, though. IMO your best composition yet.

Don't be discouraged by the lack of a solution, keep 'em coming.